Chiquita Logo History

The Chiquita Banana Company, also sometimes referred to colloquially as the "banana republic," dates back to the year 1870, when Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker transported a historically large batch of bananas from Jamaica to Massachusetts on his sailing boat. When those bananas arrived, they were spoilt and inedible, and he then committed to send another batch but this time of green bananas, so that by the time they arrived they would be suitable and perfect for eating. In 1885, in partnership with the then undertaker Andrew Woodbury, Preston set up the Boston Fruits company and then 1899 the United Fruits Company. This current day logo resurfaced in 1963 from the talents of a commercial artist. Initially it was derived from sketches of a half woman, half banana and was referred to as a Chiquita meaning "tiny or small girl" in Spanish.
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