FUJIFILM Logo History

The FUJIFILM corporate logo portrays the FUJIFILM corporate brand simply and powerfully. The center of the logo features an innovative design feature that points to our commitment to cutting-edge technology.

FUJIFILM has sported its current familiar corporate brand logo for 26 years since it was introduced in 1980, and over that time it has built on its core technologies to diversify and expand its business domain. Now, FUJIFILM is embarking on a new beginning, making clear its commitment to continued sustainable growth coupled with further business expansion and diversity. The revamped corporate brand logo will serve as a symbol of FUJIFILM's determination to enhance its corporate brand.

The new logo features a sharp design accent in the center, symbolizing our commitment to advanced technologies, while the use of red in the lettering expresses our firm determination to pursue ongoing innovation. The new logo is both simple and powerful in its affirmation of the new FUJIFILM corporate brand.

Evolution of FUJIFILM Brand Logo




around 1985



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