Superman Logo History

The story of the world famous Superman logo carries overtones of history, science and arts. Jerry Siegel was the man who came with the idea of Superman and than showed the story to his friend Shuster, an aspiring artist. The symbol "S" which was used to create the logo has a lot of meaning within the bounds of American culture. "S" stands for Superman, Stopping Crime, Saving Lives, Super-Aid, but it also represents the symbol of Superman's family house on Krypton. It is important to pay more attention on to the elements of the logo, which are often ignored. The two colors of the logo bear a deep meaning. Red and yellow are the colors of RAO ( the sun-god of Krypton) and SOL refers to sunlight. On the cover of Superman 4, April 1940 the Superman logo has a black background. However, in June 1940 the studio decides to change the logo into a larger 5 sided pentagon, easier to draw and color. This new version is first drawn by Wayne Boring. Paul Cassidy would later create a new design using a larger S, tightly slammed against the shield border. Today, in spite of all the changes the logo has suffered throughout time, its fundamental details remain mostly unchanged.
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