International Paper Logo History

The Lester Beall International Paper Company logo design, 1960. Initials, tree, and upward arrow combine in a mark whose fundamental simplicity - an isometric triangle in a circle - assures a timeless harmony. In discussing his logo for one of the largest paper manufacturers in the world, Beall wrote, ''Our assignment was to provide management with a strong mark that could be readily adapted to an immense variety of applications. This ranged from its bold use on the barks of trees to its intricate involvement in repeat patterns, carton designs, labels, trucks. In addition to its functional strength, the new mark is a powerful force in stimulating and integrating divisional and corporate identity with positive psychological effects on human relations''. The International Paper Company logo design was controversial in the design community when it first appeared: The letters I and P are distorted to make a tree symbol, and critics questioned whether letterforms should be altered to this extreme. The continuing viability of this mark since its inception indicates that Beall's critics were overly cautious.
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