SingTel Logo History

The SingTel identity system is composed of various components - the SingTel symbol and the logotype. Together they form the corporate signature which is the most visible identification of SingTel.

The SingTel symbol consists of an ellipse and two squares. The ellipse shows that SingTel is in the global network. It also represents SingTel's increasingly active role in international activities. The squares represent the modern and advanced technology used in the telecommunications business.

The corporate logotype identifies the company by name. The specially designed serif typeface, known as Corporate A Type, is selected because of its contemporary look, and warm and friendly impact, which conveys SingTel's attitude towards its customers.

Corporate Colours
The corporate colours have been specially chosen to convey the uniqueness of SingTel. SingTel Red and SingTel Black represent stability, the foundation of experience, expertise and a commitment to the best possible service which SingTel has built up over the years. SingTel Grey, which has been selected for the secondary graphics of square pattern, complements the colours for the corporate symbol.

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