Mustang Engineering Logo History

Mustang Engineering, a dream of three young engineers, came to life in July of 1987. With this dream came "The Blue Horse", a symbol of unbridled energy and strength that has permeated the Oil & Gas industry.

Paul Redmon, Bill Higgs and Felix Covington met while working together at another company. They witnessed the oil industry bust and the negative effects it had on its employees. With the desire to have a different company that possessed security and personal growth for its employees, they made the decision that would change all of our lives.

The name of the new company was the first of many important challenges they would face. "Mustang Engineering" was a choice on a list compiled by one of the wives. While driving in traffic, she noticed the different car names, figuring a lot of time and money went into researching the names for automobiles.

"Mustang" stood out in all their hearts, as a symbol of strength, courage, independence, and unquestionable energy, which also describes the three men.

In the process of buying business cards and letterhead they found the Mustang Horse in the standard options at a print shop in Park Ten. Standard it may have been, but with the vision and insight of the young engineers, it soon became "The Horse in Motion". Logo and name in place, the only choice left was the color. Could there be any other color than "True Blue" for a company like ours?

Logo History

The first printing of the logo was enclosed in a pyramid, which stood for the power of the pyramid or efficiency of the triangle. This logo is still used on our hard hats to this day.

In 1990, just three years old, the blue horse had a face-lift. His shaded muscles were removed, his flowing mane was tamed, and his stance was sculpted to invoke the idea of constant motion. The Mustang Engineering name was italicized to further convey the notion that we are always moving forward.

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