Minol Logo History

The first logo you see was developed in the 1950's. However it was not very successful because the owners soon realized that they were competing with a proliferation of red and yellow logos in gas stations across the country. As such they decided to change their logo so that it would be more prominent against a sea of standard style logos. The new logo was first used in 1989, developed by designer Hartmut C Andresen. In this new design he used an M to represent a sun dial in a similar vein to that of the comic style logo that was used in the era of superheroes like Superman and Batman. The combination of magenta and violet was used because they offer the feeling of strength and trust (similarly purple is used by the church to symbolize strength and trust.) The new logo worked very successfully and converted into a sales increase of more than 30% with a gross income of 3.5 billion DM. In 1997 and 1998 the company was taken over and the logo is no longer seen around the world.
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