Guess History

The history of the brand began back in 1981 when Marciano brothers – George and Moris established a small company in California and started to manufacture jeans. They managed to bring in European design into American denim production. Innovative design, marketing and distribution of fashionable goods makes Guess brand to one of the most recognizable trend-setters on the world market of modern women’s, men’s and children’s wear. Marciano brother were born in Marocco and grew up in France. In their first shop in Los Angeles they started to sell jeans designed by George Marciano which were called Guess. The jeans were tight with zippers on ankles and were a bit worn out – a real innovation back then. Besides, worn out jeans turned out to be softer and lighter than original blue jeans. In December 1981 George Marciano went to New York to present his collection owners of Bloomingdale store and managed to persuade them to take 20 pairs of his jeans. In a couple of hours all of them were sold out!

Next year another Marciano brother Paul came to California. He started to develop an advertising campaign for Guess jeans. Paul Marciano didn’t have any experience in advertising industry, however he managed to find the right strategy. Instead of studio photo sessions Guess used coarse-grained black and white photos of models shot in provoking poses against walls and everyday urban landscapes.

By the end of 1982 the company has sold jeans for 12 million dollars and made contracts with Jordache and Jeff Hamilton Inc. to develop the line of men’s wear under Guess trademark. By 1987 the sales volume increased to 350 million dollars. Guess managed to widen their markets and target groups by launching a women’s wear line Marciano and creating clothes lines for children, teenagers and accessories. Besides Guess started to sell their trademark to outside manufacturers for licensed production of watches, sunglasses, perfume (made for Guess by French company Revlon) and all this contributed to another increase in sales. By 1990 only Guess watches have been sold for 60 millions of dollars.

In 1993 George Marciano left the posts of company’s director and designer and sold his 40% of stocks to his brothers for 200 millions of dollars. After this Moris Marciano became CEO of Guess and took upon himself the design of customized denim. Paul became president of the company and the fourth brother Armand continued his activities as vice-president.

In 2000 the company returns to its traditional look and style. The advertising becomes more and more sexy and the brand attracts the attention of young people keeping with the fashions. Style-setters of the new generation, like Paris Hilton, take part in advertising campaigns for Guess. A special accessory line “Paris accessories” appears. In 2007 the brand presents new business conception, a line called G by Guess. Bright and attractive clothes for young people at democratic prices is manufactured under this trademark.

Today jeans by Marcino brothers are sold in more than 60 countries in 747 shops. Guess brand has three main lines: GUESS – impudent, sexy, following typical American tradition; Marciano – elegant and feminine, sexy; G by GUESS – independent, brave, self-confident, energetic and stylish. Except for jeans and denim clothes Guess brand manufactures bags, watches, shoes and many other accessories as well as perfume.
Tailor made jeans and denim by Guess are once-for-all-time, they are full of sensuous temperament and innovation. Guess is one of the leading custom jean brands on the planet and continues to be a trend-setter in the whole world.

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