Ankeny Hawk Logo History

Ankeny Hawk Logo History

Original Design by Lant Elrod Class of 1970

Hondo Hawk Designed by Lant Elrod

No other school logo is as distinctive, powerful, or timeless than the Ankeny Hawk. Taking his inspiration from the old Iowa Hawkeye, Lant's first design was Hondo Hawk. It was the pride and joy of all who attended Parkview for high school and everyone in the small town of Ankeny during the late 1960's and early 70's. However, growth and change were inevitable. By 1970, plans for the new high school were underway, and the small town of Ankeny was booming.

In 1973, Lant was contacted by Mr. John Hunter, Ankeny High School art teacher, to redesign the hawk logo to reflect the change and give Ankeny its own identity. Even though Lant very modestly gives Mr. Hunter credit for having the vision and initiative to seek the redesign, he, himself, had strenuous criteria for its final creation. The goal was to be distinct from any other representation. He designed the hawk to be simple, streamlined, and powerful, while incorporating the "A" for Ankeny.

Lant is the Creative Director and CCE, responsible for all creative development of the Commercial and Consumer Division of John Deere.

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