Fuji Xerox Logo History

1962: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. established
Revolutionizes the office environment in Japan by pioneering xerographic technology

First in Japan to market copying machine rental system
Advances era of "buying copies" rather than "buying products"


Moving from an era of high growth to an emphasis on beauty; here, "beautiful" means not sacrificing one's quality of life in favor of abundance. The concept used in this advertising campaign reflects the social condition of the times and influences people's way of thinking and living beyond a corporate sense.


The key element of any office is the people. With this idea as the central theme, Fuji Xerox begins selling network systems (XINS) and workstations (J-Star). This is the moment the icon and the mouse, technologies developed by Xerox, become known to the world.

Amid progressing technology, internationalization, rising material wealth, increasing information and diversifying values, Fuji Xerox proposes "New Work Way" to encourage employees to have rich personal lives and bring their experiences back to enhance the Company.


Documents are a vivid expression of an individual's knowledge and ideas; they convey meaning to people and instigate interaction. In essence, they connect people with people. Fuji Xerox declares its aim to always pursue excellence in the field and begins providing a variety of document services.


"Open Office Frontier," a combination of "Open Office" and "Office Frontier," encapsulates our business vision. An open office is an unrestricted business environment that connects the knowledge of different peoples, transcending the barriers of time, space, company and structure. Fuji Xerox promotes its commitment to venture into the unknown with a frontier spirit.

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