Hummer Logo History

Hummer is the brand of sport utility vehicles (H2, H3, SUVs) and large off-road vehicles (H1), manufactured and sold by AM General Corporation - also referred to as General Motors since 1999. Hummers were originally manufactured for military use. These huge 4x4s have come to spend as much time in the limelight as in the battlefield, soon becoming the ultimate off-roaders. In 1992, AM General started out selling a civilian version of the M998 Hum-Vee or HMMWV vehicle under the brand name "Hummer". The first two Hummer models are heavy, large vehicles with complex drivelines and large engines. The H3, is smaller and geared more towards people who want an economical SUV. Hummer dealerships are built around a huge "H" that serves as supergraphic visible from highways. The best Hummer logo was that of Horch. Its H was formed to suggest the gateway of a castle or city -- an image of sturdy tradition. General Motors has been very effective in licensing the Hummer. A large number of companies have licensed the Hummer trademarks for use on flashlights, colognes, bicycles, coats, shoes, skateboards, hats,laptops, jewelry, clothing, CD players and other items.
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