DMV Logo History

The history behind DMV's name and logo

In 1926 six small dairy producers founded a company called the Cooperatieve Centrale Melkproductenfabriek – De Meijerij. The name was later changed to De Melkindustrie Veghel, and finally altered to DMV International in 1992.

Our company logo was first developed in 1948. The symbols in the logo, called ‘molenijzers’*) come from the Middle Ages when lords and knights, who fought bravely during the crusades, were given rights to mill and store grain, have their own court, and use their own seal. To display those rights, the ‘molenijzer’ was incorporated into their family shields, and later became part of the banners for cities and regions.
For many centuries this symbol has been associated with the Meijerij region in the southeast of Holland, where our company is located.

*) The ‘molenijzer’ is the iron part in the centre of a millstone that allows the millstone to be adjusted.

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