Java Logo History

What is the significance of the Java Brand?

The Java Powered logo means the device or application you have has passed our rigorous tests and it is safe to use. So, when you see the Java Powered logo, you can expect a fun, engaging, interactive experience that Java technology delivers.

The Java Compatible logo tells developers that the platform they are writing on has passed a set of tests that ensures that their programs will run anywhere (Something we call "Write Once, Run Anywhere"). This ensures that their customers are free from being locked into one vendor or one solution.

Logo Components
The Java technology Compliance Logos are made up of four main components:

The Visual
The visual is the top half of the logo that shows just the coffee cup and steam.

The logotype is made of a customized font with unique letter spacing and leading.

The descriptor is used to indicate which version of the logo you are using.

Trademark Symbol
The trademark (or service mark) symbol indicates that this logo is the property of
Sun Microsystems.

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