DTS Logo History

DTS Logo Evolution

Our corporate logo enables us to speak with a unique voice. It is the standard that sets us apart, and it is the expression that articulates our corporate vision. Our logos consist of three elements locked together: the symbol, the DTS wordmark and the identifier line. Color plays an important role in communicating our brand’s personality. The primary colors of orange, yellow, black and gray are dynamic, actionable, vibrant colors to help describe the DTS brand.

The Symbol:
This dynamic symbol is the defining feature of our design system. It is inspired by science and sound waves to reinforce the DTS brand.

Taken from the old DTS logo, this wordmark has been modernized yet retains its brand heritage. The look is bold and cutting-edge, like the DTS product.

Identifier Line:
This line sums up what DTS is about. It can take on many forms depending on what the product or service is, or which division the logo is identifying.

Reference:http://www.dts.com/media/2007/support/pdf/DTS_Logo_Usage_Guide_Content.pdf http://www.dts.com/support/brandguide/identity/corporate_logo.php
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