Ferrari Logo History

Throughout the world, racing fans are certainly familiar with the famous sports cars namely Ferrari. Based in Italy and founded in 1929, Ferrari has ruled the world by its outclass performance in racing, especially Formula One has enjoyed great heights of success. Nevertheless, Ferrari logo has participated in the prominence of the sports cars at its best.
The famous Ferrari logo with the ‘prancing horse’ symbol was originally the character of Count Francesco Baracca, a legendary “asso” (ace) of the Italian air force in the period of World War I. The designer of the Ferrari logo painted this icon on the side of his plane. It was later assumed after his death that the selection of the horse of the Ferrari logo on his planes was because of the fact that his noble family owned a large number of horses in their estates Lugo di Romagna.

Design Elements of Ferrari Logo:
The prancing horse is now the emblem of the Ferrari logo, depicting power. Human minds instantly feel about speed and sports cars when they consider Ferrari logo. It is obviously a sign of grand victory for the company to have such an imposing and distinguished insignia.

Shape of Ferrari Logo:
Ferrari logo consists of the eminent prancing horse that has highlighted the grace of the logo design throughout the company’s journey. It was initially considered to include the prancing horse of the Ferrari logo to bring good luck for the car racer. The Ferrari logo design is comprised of a rectangular structure holding the prancing horse inside it elegantly.

Color of Ferrari Logo:
The prancing horse in the Ferrari logo is colored in the black, which explains the ability of the sports cars. However, yellow tint is used for the background of the Ferrari logo that makes it look luminous from a distance as well. On the top of the Ferrari logo green, white and red stripes are employed which enhances the magnificence of the emblem.

Font of Ferrari Logo:
Initially, the Ferrari logo had the alphabets SF inscribed on it beautifully. But now the Ferrari logo encompasses the Ferrari signature at the bottom. The name is written in a stylish manner in Ferrari logo, reflecting the corporate side of the company.
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