World Water Council Logo History

The logo of the World Water Council is the result of a global design contest , which was launched before the 3rd World Water Forum. It aimed to create a new joint logo for both the World Water Council and the World Water Forum.

Two thousand entries were recorded from 70 countries. The contest winner was Mrs. Hiroko Fukumori, a 20 year-old student from Akitat Municipal Junior College of Arts and Crafts in Yamanashi, Japan. Her art work is based on drops of water, which are linked together.

The larger part of the logo represents the quantity of salty water on the planet, namely 97.5% of total water resources. Out of the remaining 2.5%, three-quarters is ice. Only the little suspended drop provides freshwater for humankind.

The design expresses "the desire for the world to be filled with the benefits of water forever," said Mrs. Fukumori. “I will be greatly honored if all the people who see this design could see and feel the nature and the value of water in them.”

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