Swisscom Logo History

History of the brand

How the corporate brand has changed

1849 to 1923. Following the centralisation of the previously Canton-based or privately-run postal system in Switzerland, the Swiss cross in the form of a coat of arms decorated with a post horn, Alpine roses and oak leaves is introduced as the trademark symbol of the Swiss postal system. The introduction of the telegraph (from 1852 onwards) and the telephone (from 1880 / 81 onwards) mark the birth of Swiss telecommunications.

1923 to 1927. For the first time an illustration appears on the title pages of the annual reports of the Swiss Postal Administration and the Swiss Telegraphy and Telephony Administration: a Swiss cross with a halo and post horn/telegraph pole for the two divisions respectively.

1927 to 1929. Postal, telephony and telegraphy services are brought together under a common administration. The symbolism in the logo focuses on the Swiss cross with the halo and post horn or telegraph pole from which wires stretch out.

1929 to 1931. The rectangular heraldic logo makes its appearance. Despite the organizational merger of the post and telegraph/telephone divisions, each division is allowed to have its own logo. The telegraph pole therefore remains on the logo variant used for telegraphy/telephony services.

1931 to 1936. The post horn is used not only to represent the postal services, but also the telephony and telegraphy divisions. This gives the impression that the Senior Telephony Services Directorate has been swallowed up by the Postal Services Directorate. Following the introduction of the new heraldic logo, the PTT operations continue to use a common logo featuring the Swiss national emblem until into the 1980s.

1936 to 1939. For the first time the acronym PTT (standing for Post, Telegraphy and Telephony) appears in the logo.

1940 to 1982. The post horn disappears. "Switzerland" and "PTT" now make up the logo's message.

1982 to 1993. A graphic artist from the postal service's stamp department plays with the elements of the Swiss cross and PTT and gives the logo a contemporary new look.

1993 to 1997. The telecom division demonstrates its separate identity with a logo variant in which the text Telecom is the dominant feature.

1997. The telecom division becomes a listed public limited company and is given the name Swisscom. The Swisscom logo, with its simple style, combines the human side of technology with the image of credibility and security offered by a traditional company. It forms a central element of the visual identity of the Swisscom brand.

The new brand
The new look is more modern, more colourful, more vivid and also much simpler than the different identities Swisscom has used in the past. The design selected will permit broad-based marketing activities across the various customer segments and via the different types of media. The logo's lettering has been modernised and a moving element has been added. Given that most communications services are now accessed on-screen, the new logo is ideally suited to Swisscom. In the future, customers will expect to have mobile and fixed access to TV, Internet and personal data (photos, films, etc.) in the simplest manner possible and whenever they want, using TVs, PCs and mobile phones.


Why a new brand?
Changing our image is vital: Swisscom wants to offer its customers an all-round experience of applications and content matter via PCs, mobiles and TV and from January 1, 2008 provide a one-stop solution as far as possible. This entails changing and combining today's different images (Swisscom Fixnet, Mobile, Solutions, Bluewin, IT services etc.)

Is a new brand really a good idea?
We have to make the logo more dynamic, as the majority of our services are now used via a screen: from voice telephony to multimedia communications services, from the keyboard to the screen.

What will happen exactly?
In line with the new strategy, joint corporate culture and the organisational merge, the brand will now be standardised too. The different Swisscom brands and the Bluewin brand will be combined into one single, joint Swisscom brand.

How has the logo changed?
The new logo is built on the stable foundations of today's Swisscom - name, colours and sound will remain, the image will be modified to suit the challenges of tomorrow.

How can the new logo be described?
Instead of the previous logo, a brand with words and pictures with different Swisscom lettering and a moving element will appear that symbolises venturing into the new multimedia age.

What does the new logo stand for?
The implied Swiss cross in the logo, the warmth of the red shade and the axis as the central starting point create a sense of closeness, combining and uniting our customers' different experiences. The dynamism of the logo shows that life is a moving force and full of surprises. Swisscom gets things moving, has its fingers on the pulse and is part of everyday life.

Do you need the new logo?
We would be pleased to provide the new logo to media representatives. Just send us an e-mail []

When will the new image be launched?
Spring 2008.

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