Alliance Boots Logo History

The Alliance Boots logo draws on the visual identities of the former Alliance UniChem and Boots Group to create a distinctive and dynamic brand marque for the company.

Brand marque
The brand marque presents a strong, confident look for Europe's leading pharmacy-led health and beauty group. The suggestion of movement created through shape and colour reflects the forward-looking and dynamic nature of the organisation and the oval, implying the globe, is suggestive of the increasingly international nature of the Group's business.

Word mark
The open oval holds the Alliance Boots word mark, a bespoke typographical rendering that references both the 'Alliance UniChem AU rounded' and 'Boots AG Book rounded' fonts. The dark blue typography creates strong stand out for the new company name and again links back to the colour equities of both brands.

The familiar and iconic shape of the Boots' blue oval is reflected in the open space defined and outlined by the two crescents which provide a visual link to the sweeping tails of the Alliance UniChem 'four arrows' device.

The graduated blue and green colours reflect the colour palettes of both brands, but in a fresher, more contemporary way.

Corporate identity

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