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Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control Milestones

1956-57 The Glenn L. Martin Company purchases 6,700 acres of land in southwest Orange County, Florida, and dedicates the new Sand Lake Road Center. The center is occupied by 2,700 people.

1961 Chance Vought Corporation merges with Ling-Temco Electronics to become Ling-Temco-Vought, Inc. The company name is abbreviated to LTV.

1961 The Glenn L. Martin Company merges with American-Marietta Company, forming Martin Marietta Corporation.

1970 Martin Marietta establishes a manufacturing operation in Ocala, Florida.

1985 Martin Marietta dedicates the Electronic Systems Center at Lake Underhill Road.

1987 Martin Marietta creates the Electronics & Missiles Group with headquarters in Orlando.

1991 The Martin Marietta Electronics & Missiles Group is reorganized into the Electronics, Information & Missiles Group with headquarters in Orlando.

1992 The Martin Marietta Electronics & Missiles Group begins construction on a new ordnance assembly and storage facility in Pike County, Alabama.

1992 Loral Corporation acquires the Missiles Division of LTV and names it Loral Vought Systems.

1993 Following Martin Marietta's acquisition of General Electric Aerospace, Orlando operations are divided into Martin Marietta Electronics & Missiles and Martin Marietta Information Systems.

1995 Martin Marietta and Lockheed stockholders approve the largest merger in the history of the defense industry, forming Lockheed Martin Corporation with combined revenues of $23 billion.

1996 Lockheed Martin acquires the majority of Loral Corporation's defense businesses, adding three major programs and 400 positions to Electronics & Missiles. Vought Systems becomes Lockheed Martin Vought Systems.

1999 Within Lockheed Martin, Vought Systems and Electronics and Missiles merge to form Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

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