Nikon Logo History

Brand Symbol
The role of Nikon within society is to provide the support people need to realize their dreams. In order to successfully carry out this mission, we must constantly strive for technical innovation, and remain a corporation driven by energy and passion. Our brand symbol accurately represents this ambitious goal.

Design concept of the brand symbol

Basic concept
The new symbol conveys an unleashing of the power of imagination turned into infinite possibilities of technical innovation and creativity.

Brand symbol
The motif of sequential rays conveys "infinite possibilities within the domain of optics." The new graphic symbolizes Nikon's determination to fulfill its mission and meet customers' expectations. The Nikon logo and yellow brand color remain as important visual elements, which have garnered the company a global reputation for high quality and trustworthiness.

Nikon yellow
The yellow color is the representation of the emotional images unique to Nikon, such as "depth" and "passion."

Nikon black
The black color used in the Nikon logo represents the "high quality" and "trustworthiness" that Nikon has earned over decades.

New Symbol Background

With a long history of supplying outstanding products, Nikon has established a brand image for superior quality and reliability. Given today's constantly changing business conditions, however, it is essential that we recognize the need for a greater emphasis on technological innovation and sensitivity to changing trends, in order to strengthen our competitiveness and improve corporate value.

This is why we decided to develop a new brand symbol - a symbol that will help us to reconstruct the Nikon brand in such a way that it fulfills the needs of the new era.

Brand Symbol Design

Design Concept
While preserving basic design elements that have supported the Nikon brand image in terms of quality and reliability, add fresh and innovative elements, including a new Nikon concept.

Symbol Design
Preserve the black Nikon logotype that has gained worldwide recognition for superior quality and reliability, as well as Nikon's identity color, yellow.
Add a graphic element of sequential rays, to represent the future, and express Nikon's mission, will and future possibilities.
Yellow expresses breadth and passion, while black expresses trust and quality.

The brand image redefi nition seeks to add the concepts of “innovative technology” and “a sense of the times” to the notions of superior product quality and reliability for which the Nikon brand has traditionally stood. Following up the brand symbol re -defi nition exercise, Nikon will endeavor to raise Groupwide brand value by continuing to nourish its image as a precious asset indicative of a world-renowned level of quality and functionality, to work to more fl uidly and effectively in developing new products and marketing approaches and to introduce brand management paradigms in step with the times.

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