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KangaROOS - Brand History

KangaROOS was established by Bob Gamm in the late 70s in the USA. This active basketball player invented the shoes with a small pocket in which little utensils or keys can be stowed when playing sports.

With the unique pocket as well as the young and fancy style KangaROOS distinguishes itself from other shoes, which were highly technical and functional at that time.

In the early 80s, KangaROOS was the most aggressively growing brand in the USA. During his trip to the USA in 1981, Bernd D. Hummel saw this newcomer in the market and was attracted to it right away. Bernd Hummel GmbH signed a distribution and licence agreement and became licensee of KangaROOS for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the same year.
The first collection for Germany, which was developed in the USA, was launched for season fall/winter 1983/84 and included also innovations, i.e. DYNACOIL which is an energy recycling and steam/cushion system for the sole developed by NASA.

A sound and professional sales strategy combined with sensational advertisement of Springer & Jacoby, allowed KangaROOS to reach to one of the best top ten sports brands within three years.

1991 the licensor KangaROOS was taken over by Pentland Group plc in London. Bernd Hummel GmbH made a new master licence contract with the new licensor Pentland. The new master contract allows Bernd Hummel GmbH to develop its own independent collection which especially fits its markets in Germany and other European countries as well.
In August 2002 Pentland and Bernd Hummel GmbH prolonged the licence contract for the next ten years. Today, Bernd Hummel GmbH is the biggest licensee worldwide and also licensor for Eastern Europe.

Nowadays, KangaROOS is a fashion sports brand which can be found in shoe shops and specialised sports shops as well.

The unique small pocket which is in every shoe of KangaROOS and the cute kangaroo logo have not been changed and symbolise as brand logo and characteristic since 1982.

KangaROOS succeeded in combining lifestyle with the know-how of functional shoes. Latest trends are realised quickly and flexibly. There’s a continuous innovative and functional improvement of the design. Therefore, in various ladies’ and kids’ shoes the anatomically shaped VILDONA DRYSOLE will be used. This patented insole provides an optimal climate within the shoe. Also the KangaROOS boots for adults and kids offer a comfortable foot climate thanks to the approved and breathable ROOSTEX membrane, which protects reliably against water and wind.

Stylish design, good quality and a very good price-performance ratio are characteristic for KangaROOS. Apart from the fair partnership cooperation customers also appreciate the reliability as well as the continuous and efficient service.

Consequently, in partnership surveys among dealers, KangaROOS is regularly chosen by industry-specific magazines as one of the top ten sports shoe brands.

In the meantime KangaROOS develops the following collections:

sports and casual shoes with pockets
a sportive, stylish clothing collection for children, ladies and men (with secret pockets)
a sportive, stylish bag collection
a watch collection
Early in 2007 Bernd Hummel expands its sales area to 20 European countries with a new KangaROOS licence for the Benelux countries and France.

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