Volkswagen Logo History

Volkswagen is a car producer based in Germany. It forms the substance of Volkswagen Group, which is the world's fourth largest automobile producer after Toyota, GM and Ford. The origins of the company date back to 1930s Nazi Germany. Long before Hitler was elected to power in Germany, he was creating schemes to mass-produce an affordable car. Hitler called the new vehicle the "KdF-Wagen", which literally meant "strength through joy - car", after the Nazi-led KdF movement that was supposed to look after the working people. Ferdinand Porsche disliked the name KdF-Wagen (he preferred Volkswagen, the name under which the car had been produced). "Volkswagen" signifies "people's car" in German, in which it is pronounced ['folksvagan]. Volkswagen has one of the most simple and instantly recognizable logos in the world, which has seen subtle changes through the years. It's pretty obvious what the Volkswagen logo is (a V over a W in a blue background, surrounded by a circle). The logo was the result of an office competition of which the winner was Franz Reimspiess (the engineer who perfected the engine for the Beetle in the 1930's). The copyright holder of the internationally-famous VW logo is not to be Nikolai Borg, a graphic designer who sued the company for allegedly failing to recognise his work.
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