Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Logo History

The inner circle characterizes Colonial as the core – offering balance, continuity, and peace of mind – for what happens next.

The story behind the logo and what it represents.

Day after day, life brings positive experiences and unforeseen challenges. The key is to maintain proper balance. That balance is reflected in Colonial’s new brand identity, which will become the icon that symbolizes supplemental insurance.

Colonial Supplemental Insurance is the core and the nucleus – for what happens next.

Each element of the logo has a unique representation. The blue “C” represents the good in life, while the gray “C” stands for unforeseen challenges. Together, they represent protection for you and your family.

A Brand New Tag Line

As part of our new corporate identity, we have created a tag line to accompany the Colonial Supplemental Insurance brand name. We want to be known as the company that’s here for our customers – for what happens next. We are the company that helps bring balance, continuity, and peace of mind when the unexpected happens. We are committed to serving our customers in their time of need, when unforeseen challenges come their way.

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