Harley Davidson Logo History

Harley Davidson Brand Identity History Evolution

Harley Davidson is not only a name, but a legend. It evokes images of long highways through classic American landscape, the roar of an engine sounding like a thunder clap and the polish of chrome doing its best to imitate lightning. The history of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle began in Milwaukee in 1902, when a 21-year-old William S. Harley created a design for a one-cylinder motorcycle. A year later, in 1903, he partnered up with 20-year-old Arthur Davidson to assemble the first Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are distinctive in design, attract loyal customers, and hold their resale value very well compared to other vehicles. A well maintained Harley might never drop in value at all. The Harley-Davidson logo commonly referred as the "Bar and Shield" logo, was created in 1910. It became famous also because the company made a profitable side business by licensing the logo (about USD 41 million income in 2004). Interestingly, each Harley-Davidson dealership has its own shop logo with a design that says something about that dealership and sets it apart every other dealership in the world.
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