Dr. Oetker Logo History

This pharmacy was the dream of young pharmacist Dr. August Oetker in 1891, who worked long into the night to find cures for people for a variety of ailments. Thanks to his ongoing and committed research, he discovered how baking powder in sped up the process of baking and cooking breads and other delicious goods. By placing just a small amount in a bag, he realized he could use the baking powder to speed up baking, and with ongoing testing he realized success after success. The head depicted in the logo is used to highlight the marketing phrase that was initially used in the consumer marketing for the baking powder: "a bright head is one that uses Dr. Oetker's baking powder." The red-white silhouette is a depiction of the daughter of a commercial artist, and has remained on the packaging for the products until today. This logo is representative of the high quality that is found in the baking powder product since its original creation all those years ago.
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