American Express Logo History

1850: American Express is established as a freight forwarding company.

1858: Headquarters building completed at 61 Hudson Street, New York, the largest privately-owned building in the city.

1891: American Express invents the Travelers Cheque.

1895: First exclusive American Express overseas office: 6 Rue Halevy, Paris.

1915: Travel Department started.

1919: The American Express Company, Inc., now known as American Express Bank, incorporated in Connecticut, USA.

1958: American Express Personal Card introduced.

1966: “Executive Credit” Card introduced (became the Gold Card).

1975: Blue Box logo introduced.

1984: IDS acquired from Alleghany Corporation for approx. US$727 million (Re-branded as American Express Financial Advisors in 1995).Platinum Card introduced.

1986: Corporate Headquarters moved to World Financial Center, New York.

1987: Optima Card introduced.

1995: ExpressNet, American Express’ first interactive on-line service is introduced.

1996: Banco Credito de Nacional, of Sao Paulo, Brazil becomes first bank in the world to issue an American Express-branded credit card.

1999: Euro Travelers Cheque is introduced.The Centurion Card is introduced, designed for a select group of American Express’ best customers in the United Kingdom and the United States.American Express launches Blue, a new credit card designed to expand the company’s revolving credit business and attract new customers in the U.S. by combining financial, shopping and security benefits.

American Express is truly a global company, employing over 84,000 people worldwide, and offering products and services in more than 200 countries.American Express is the world’s largest single card issuer, based on purchase volume generated by our nearly 55 million cards worldwide. The Cards are currently issued in 43 currencies (including cards issued by banks and other qualified institutions). American Express is the number one global charge card issuer, the number one airline card issuer based on number of partners and the number one Cards Reward Program based on enrollees. We also are the number one corporate card issuer in the U.S. and in 22 of the top 25 markets around the world. The company has more than 1700 travel service locations in over 130 countries serving customers’ travel needs.American Express Bank operates primarily outside the United States, with 77 offices in 40 countries. American Express Financial Advisors has 179 field offices (located in all 50 states in United States), in addition to other corporate offices in Albany, New York, Green Bay, Wisconsin, London, Singapore and Tokyo.One of American Express’ truly unique assets is its local market knowledge and global presence. In markets around the world, the company contributes to local economic development through the introduction of new products and services, marketing skills, technological know-how and people development. The company’s local capabilities are backed by the strength of an extensive global network.Wherever American Express operates, the company is committed to working closely with local business partners. These partnerships not only benefit local businesses and American Express in terms of business development, they also bring consumers a wider choice of products and services.In all of the markets in which we operate we take our role as a corporate citizen seriously and are active participants in community and philanthropic projects. Grants are made under three program themes that reflect our company values and complement our business priorities: community service, cultural heritage and economic independence.All over the world, American Express maintains its ongoing commitment to the development of valuable products, the highest quality service, and deepest levels of customer support.

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