Chicago Bulls History

The Chicago Bulls began playing in the NBA in 1966. They struggled for several years. In the 1970's they were very successful with players like Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, and Chet Walker. Other star players in the early 1970's were Artis Gilmore and Reggie Theus. Michael Jordan arrived in 1984. In the 90's, the Bulls won six championships with their star players, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Michael Jordan was born in New York City, but almost everyone in Chicago claims him as a Chicago hero! Did you know that Jordan blocked more than 100 shots and made over 200 steals in one of his basketball seasons? Jordan was a very valuable player for the Bulls; he won the MVP three years in a row. He came to Chicago in 1984 to lead his team to win the NBA scoring title, they did, seven times in a row, nine times altogether. He holds the playoff scoring record which is 63 points in one game.

He was one of five players to score 50 points in the finals. He was also one of two players to score over 3,000 points in one season, Wilt Chamberlain was the other player. Michael Jordan was named NBA first defensive team six times in a row. He scored 25,000 points faster than any other player except Wilt Chamberlain. He is a role model to basketball players all over the world. Although he is the most famous Bull, there is much more to the Bulls' story.

Another very valuable player to the Bulls was Scottie Pippen. Even though Michael Jordan was a biggest part to the Chicago Bulls than any other players. Before Scottie Pippen came in 1987 the Bulls had never won the Championship game. Someone who becomes a sports or super star starts doing that thing when they are young. Scottie Pippen started playing basketball when he was eleven, that is considered a late start. It was tough, he was the youngest of twelve children, but still he grew up to be a famous basketball player. Scottie Pippen was not as good as Michael Jordan, but he was still one of the best players on the Chicago Bulls. He was two-time US Olympian and won the NBA All-Star Game MVP one time. As you can see Scottie Pippen is as big a part of the Bulls as Michael Jordan and is very important to the Chicago Bulls.

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