Clinique History

Established in 1968, Clinique brand was the first who offered to consumers products developed by dermatologists in the segment of reputed cosmetics.  Sea changes occurred since that time: company clients became more demanding, the life became busier, and climatic conditions - more severe. And only Clinique remained loyal and kept on manufacturing highly effective products of super quality for different types and tones of skin.

The Company advocates an individual solution, frequent testing and thorough verification, and thanks to this exact approach the Clinique stays one of the main cosmetic brands in the world. Clinique products are sold all over the world in more than seventeen thousand stores of one hundred and thirty five countries.

Is it feasible to have a perfect skin?
The history of the Company starts with the interview. Once an enthusiastic young lady of 25 years old holding the office of the successful editor to Vogue magazine, addressed to Dr. Norman Orentreich, the practicing dermatologist about the interview. The editor was craving for a sensation, the doctor longed to share with the world on all his achievements, and they came to golden mean in this crucial interview. During the interview the doctor expressed a simple idea that the genetics does not matter. And that you are able to have a perfect skin.

At that time this announcement was quite a sensation and it turned out to be the hit of the periodic. Many people learned about this doctor and his ideas and it was not only targeted group of women. Leonard Lauder, just bring in mind what cosmetic brand is associated with this surname, was about maturing the idea to create de luxe cosmetics, certified by dermatologists and got concerned as well. And, due to the official legend, he offered Carol Phillips and Dr. Orentreich to develop the line of advanced products to solve that problem.

Marketing times Skills brings Success
The Vogue editor and the Doctor of Medicine created a wonderful tandem where he created, developed formulations and tested products, and she prepared the product to sale, not less important functions using her experience of working for a magazine for ladies. Development of the first dermatological certified line of individual cosmetics means - skin care, development of three-stage leave concepts, creation of Clinique computer, like an integrated quiz combining the most common questions and popular solutions - this is very good, and on the top of it, it is unique. And where would have been the respected doctor without Carol, her naming experience, her skills of group targeting, without her professional skill to operate the words? On the other hand, Carol Phillips would be entered in annals of history as the editor to Vogue without gold hands (and gold ideas) by Dr. Orentreich. Instead, they created a product demanded by millions and separately they could have been ordinary people.

And the history of creation has quintessence of Clinique idea: something original and unique apart from quality and guarantee. Brand, promise of unique, client-orientedness but not demonstration of the product as a famous «advertising personality». In the core of any advertizing campaign of Clinique brand for over forty years is the product itself but not an actress/singer/model who happily and trustingly announces how she uses the product. When you decide for Clinique products, you do favor your skin but not follow advices of celebrities. Recently buying of cosmetics is kind of personal thing.

Landmarks and dates
In 1969 the Company - mainly thanks to the Empire of Estée Lauder with Clinique in the structure -  pushed out to the international market. The first foreign store was opened in Great Britain. Afterwards the Company seized the market gradually, step by step and in 1970 Clinique was the first in the market to provide cosmetic means for protection of skin against UV rays, in 1971 glossing lipstick Black Honey Almost Lipstick was at the top record levels, in 1976 the Company launches the first line of cosmetics for men.

This brand did not stop serious scientific investigations (no intentions to save on that) and collaboration with chief specialists in dermatology. Thus, Clinique was first among the cosmetics manufacturers to be invited to the American Dermatology Conference and since that time it is the respected habitué at them. In 1986 the Company was the first cosmetics company to be invited and take party in the Session of the Academy of Ophthalmology. Clinique collaborates with Weill Cornell Medical Center in joint investigations and educational programs concerning issues of skin health and creation of Clinique Center of Health Skin. 
By the way, do you happen to know, that Clinique products has been to the space? In 1991 the astronauts tested the products of the Company while away in the trip to the Moon.

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