Jacobs University Logo History

The Logo
combines with its escutcheon-like figurative mark three stylized elements in a dynamic ensemble. Do you identify the letter »J«? Perhaps some of you will also find a form which reminds you of the letter »I« ? Do you perhaps think of a blue planet when looking at the blue circle?

The new university logo, together with the new seal, symbolizes Jacobs University's mission statement, its claim, and the university´s distinctive profile:

The globe
symbolizes the global orientation of Jacobs University: it prepares graduates from all over the world for “global citizenship” and „global responsibility“; graduates who take on social responsibility and make a contribution to finding solutions for the global challenges of the 21st century. Within research and teaching, Jacobs University focuses on solving global questions on the main challenges of our modern world: energy supply, water and nutrition, education, communication, and conflict management. Within its further development, the ambition of Jacobs University is to network with excellent scientific and economic partners worldwide.

The »I«
is a commitment to the international and intercultural life of the campus community, to innovation and interactivity within all areas of campus life as well as to the independence of research, teaching and management. Last but not least the »I« is a commitment of Jacobs University to its successful beginning as »International University Bremen«.

The »J«
as an initial of the new university´s name strengthens the polarization of the profile of Jacobs University within the international competition. At the same time it is an appreciation of the founder family and the extraordinary engagement of the Swiss Jacobs Foundation, which is active worldwide in education and youth development. The exemplary engagement shows wise patronage, internationality and local comittment.

The Seal
was - within the redevelopment of the Corporate Design of Jacobs University - designed as the highest representative symbol of the university. The purpose of the seal is that of certification, for example on diplomas, as well as for recognition at important occasions. It shows the Bremen key equal and next to the university logo as well as Bremen as part of the university´s name in the enclosing circle. For Jacobs University it is an expression of the close connection with Bremen and its citizens and at the same time it is a commitment to Bremen as a centre of science which is affected by the nationwide unique cooperation of state and private science engagement.

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