Alfa Romeo Logo History

The first logo 1910/1915
The Alfa Romeo logo consists of two Milanese symbols: The Visconti serpent on a pale blue background (the idea for which came to a young designer from the technical office who noticed the serpent on the Filarete tower while he was waiting for a tram in Piazza Castello) and the red cross on a white background, enclosed in a metallic circle with the words ALFA ("Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili") and MILANO separated by two Savoia dynasty knots.

The second logo 1915/1925
ALFA ROMEO-MILANO becomes the new wording on the logo after the factory is bought by Nicola Romeo.

Logo 1925/ 1946
A crown of laurels in embossed metal around the logo recalls a legendary victory: the P2 at the 1st World Driving Championship (1924). The diameter increases from 65 to 75 mm. In 1930 it is reduced to 60 mm, remaining unchanged until 1945.

LOGO 1946/1972
Following the fall of the monarchy and the proclamation of the Italian Republic, the Savoy dynasty knots are replaced by two wavy lines. The diameter of the logo is 54 mm. From 1950 it is made in enameled brass.

Logo 1960:
from 1960 onwards the logo is made of plastic.

Logo from 1972 to today
With the construction of the ALFASUD factory at Pomigliano, the word MILANO is dropped from the logo and only the two Milanese symbols remain, beneath the words ALFA ROMEO.

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