Grohe Logo History

The logo as a mirror of corporate identity - from reliable technology to unique design to plain enjoyment

A lot is expected of successful brands these days. On the one hand, they must communicate clear, succinct messages and promote identification.
On the other hand, their whole look and feel must maintain a balance between continuity and change.

The design of a brand logo, as the key element of a company’s corporate identity, provides consumers with a sense of direction in the sheer wealth of comparable offerings in today’s marketplace. Always recognisable at first sight, the logo makes a promise. Quality, reliability and continuity are among the core values of the Grohe brand, which have been represented by the logo for several generations.

Accordingly, the development of the Grohe company – which has gone hand in hand with an increasingly global presence – is also reflected in the evolution of the logo. Even today, after over 70 years, Grohe still stands for innovative and long-lasting technology. Above and beyond this, Grohe has created recognisable values, developed unique designs and set new standards in water technology. But this ongoing involvement with water means more – it means enjoyment and pleasure. The “Enjoy Water” tagline in the distinct wave logo is a clear expression of the Grohe company’s mission to create products that contribute to people’s enjoyment of water.

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