Igloo Company History

Who among us doesn't know of the famous "Igloo" brand of cooler? It offers 500 different products sold in 15,000 outlets in the United States with various features for various needs. Almost ¾ of American households own an Igloo cooler. Since being purchased by Westar Capital in October of 2001 it is centralized in Katy, Texas with 1.4 million square-feet of space. They have come a long way since their beginnings in 1947 as a small metal working shop with two employees.

For history buffs the Igloo Company has undergone a series of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions: In 1960 they merged with the Production Tooling Company and the John T. Everett Company from Memphis, Tennessee. By 1962 they went public and began selling its stock in the market place. Briefly, in 1967 they offered the 155 quart ice-chest and the Playmate model in 1971. In that same year Igloo was sold to Cola Bottling Company of New York, Inc. In 1980 they were acquired by Anderson, Clayton and Co. In 1986 they were purchased by The Quaker Oats Company. In 1987 they were purchased by members of First Boston, and a Metropolitan Life Investment Fund. Lastly, prior to their current management with Westar Capital they were purchased by Brunswick Corporation.

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