Cloetta Fazer Logo History

Cloetta Fazer has an exciting brand history, many of the oldest brands are still popular.

1887 Kehlet
1895 Rönnbärskaramellen
1896 Mignonägg
1900 Fazer Liqueur Fills
1904 Wienernougat
1908 Geisha (current version since 1962)
1913 Guldnougat
1922 Karl Fazer milk chocolate, Tulo
1928 Tarragona
1929 Gröna kulor
1933 Mums Mums
1935 Fazers Bästa
1937 Mellanmål
1938 Kexchoklad
1941 Center
1949 Marianne, Plopp
1960 Dumle-tikkari
1961 Kina
1965 Polly
1966 Suffeli, Bridgeblandning
1969 Fazermint
1974 Kismet
1977 Tyrkisk Peber
1987 Dumle

Cloetta Fazer works with three brand levels: corporate identity, umbrella brands and product brands.

Corporate Identity

Underscores the company’s position as the leader in the Nordic confectionery market. This brand is used in communication with employees, customers, shareholders and the stock market.

Umbrella Brand

Stands for high quality, variety and tradition. The various brands complement each other well in the market.

Product Brand

Profiles the total product range in relation to consumers and provides the basis for market communication.

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