Goodyear Company History

World renown tire and rubber company Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, actually considers "13" to be a lucky number for them. In 1898, American inventor Frank Seiberling founded the company. When their first manufacturing plant opened in Akron, Ohio, the staff was comprised of 13 employees who each played a major role in Goodyear's original products: rubber horseshoe pads, poker chips, and bicycle and carriage tires.

Many people are unaware that Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber in 1839, was not related to, or connected in any way to the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. The company was, however, named in honor of this important invention, that Mr. Seiberling felt was a major addition to the automobile and rubber industry.

Goodyear tires realized a pivotal moment in 1901, when a business agreement was made, that would allow Goodyear to supply up and coming car racing company Ford Motor, with racing tires. The progressive Model T, of automobile designer Henry Ford, would sport a set of Goodyear tires. Everyone knows the rest of this story. Goodyear earned a worldwide reputation for producing quality tires, when they began manufacturing tires for airplanes in 1909.

By 1926, Goodyear was recognized as the largest rubber manufacturer in the world. When people in the auto industry thought of racing tires back then, they thought of Goodyear as the producer of the highest quality, most effective brand available. From there, Goodyear's tires popularity expanded, and thanks to their popularity, the company experienced additional growth in the industry.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, now a multinational corporation, branched out into other areas. In Ohio in 1956, Goodyear began operation of a nuclear processing plant. A Goodyear subsidiary formed in the 1970s known as Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, from the aircraft designing and manufacturing, Goodyear Aircraft Company, was responsible for the crafting and manufacturing of the space shuttle. As was the trend among other companies, Goodyear Converted their first facility in Akron into a design and research Technical Center, at considerable cost.

Over the many years of the company's life, they have been responsible for many innovations and a large number of successes. Goodyear has gained worldwide recognition in a variety of profitable and meaningful endeavors, and is now a genuine conglomerate.

Goodyear currently finds themselves third on the list of the world's top tire manufacturers, behind Michelin and Bridgestone. It should come as no surprise, then, that individuals looking to purchase tires, will likely consider Goodyear as one of their prime choices.

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