Manulife Logo History

Over its 120 years, Manulife Financial's identity has evolved from a symbol representing Sir John A. Macdonald's political platform to one representing the company's values of professionalism, financial strength and growth.

1887 – 1897
The Arm and Hammer a symbol of both labour and manufacturing, linked the Company’s image to founding President Sir John A. Macdonald’s political platform (Canada’s first Prime Minister), a pillar of which was the belief that Canada should be a society built on manufacturing, not solely on its agrarian past.

Officially registered as a Canadian Trademark on August 4, 1892, renewed July 17, 1917 for 25 years.

1897 – 1937
As the Company begins to expand internationally, slight modifications are made to the logo. It now features the maple leaf to signify the Company’s Canadian roots. First entering Bermuda in 1893 and then in 1897expanding into China and and other countries throughout Asia.

1938 – 1959
With the connection to Sir John A. Macdonald’s political platform no longer relevant, the company drops the arm and hammer symbol and modernizes the logo. A globe is superimposed over the maple leaf to communicate that the Company was now operating globally.

1960 – 1971
A refresh of the existing logo resulted in a cleaner, more contemporary look. The two main elements of the logo, the globe and maple leaf were retained but in a simplified illustration surrounded by the Company’s name.

1971 – 1984
The company introduced a radical new design for its visual identity, contracting the Company’s marketing name to “Manulife” -- a “pronounceable symbol”. The change was welcomed by employees and conveyed to the public the dynamic and progressive personality of the company.

The brand colour suggests energy, warmth and positive personal qualities. By 1983 the stylized figure was dropped from the logo.

1984 – 1990
A major change to the logo was now introduced. The new identity, a square box with the word “Manufacturers” positioned at the top sought to unify the various names under which the company’s divisions, subsidiaries and business units were operating.

The box and stylized M positioned in the lower right corner symbolized strength, stability and quality. And a dark rich green represented growth and success.

1990 – 1995
The introduction of “Financial” as part of the brand name signaled the Company’s continuing diversification into financial services other than our core business of life insurance.

1996 – Present
With Web sites and other electronic media on the rise, the Company developed a more streamlined logo. Maintaining all the elements, the green box and the stylized M, the trade name Manulife Financial now appeared prominently outside and to the right of the box. The revised signature represents the values of our company - financial strength, stability and growth.

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