SAMSUNG Logo History

In 1993, SAMSUNG introduced a new corporate identity program in honor of its 55th anniversary and 5th anniversary of the introduction of the "second foundation." It was aimed to strengthen competitiveness by bringing the attitudes and behavior of all employees in line with SAMSUNG's desired perception by the public. SAMSUNG's corporate logo was redefined to project SAMSUNG's firm determination to become a world leader.

The SAMSUNG name is now written in English, expanding its global presence throughout the world. The name is superimposed over a dynamic, new logo design, giving an overall image of dynamic enterprise. The elliptical logo shape symbolizes the world moving through space, conveying a distinctive image of innovation and change. The first letter, "S", and the last letter, "G," partially break out of the oval to connect the interior with the exterior, showing SAMSUNG's desire to be one with the world and to serve society as a whole.

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