St George Hospital Logo History

The St George Hospital and Community Health Service logo includes the words: "Tu souffres cela suffit". These are the words of Mr Louis Pasteur, the great French scientist and humanitarian. Mr Pasteur laboured for neither reward nor honour, but for the sole satisfaction of helping his fellow man. In troublesome times in France, when his work was being publicly discouraged, he stated: "One does not ask a sick person from what country or of what religion are you. You are sick, that is enough. Put yourself in my care and I will treat you." Thus came the motto of St George Hospital and Community Health Service: "Tu souffres - cela suffit", which translated from Latin literally means "You are sick - that is enough".


St George Hospital began operation in November 1894. From its humble beginnings as a "cottage hospital" more than 100 years ago, the Hospital has progressed beyond its primary function of caring for the ill or injured at a basic level. By subsequently bringing new life to the area, as well as a community-based focus to the district, it became a district hospital in 1924 and began saving lives through surgical skills.

By 1934, it was equal to any district hospital in metropolitan Sydney. In 1964, it became a teaching hospital with specialised departments and became known as The St George Hospital.

In the late 1980s, following a NSW Goverment grant of more than $200 million, St George began its transformation into a world class tertiary teaching hospital, providing the people of southern Sydney with specialist healthcare services closer to home.

In the years since, the redevelopment of physical facilities, expansion of services and acquisition of new technology have been complemented by the recruitment of nationally and internationally recognised staff. This elevation of the clinical standard has been accompanied by an enhanced reputation of the Hospital as a teaching facility, resulting in the St George Hospital becoming one of the most popular first preferences among graduates of both nursing and medicine as a place of employment.

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