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More and more people are making their own clothes and expressing their personality and creativity. Spreadshirt is the answer to this growing need for "personal branding".

Spreadshirt is "Your Own Label" because we see it as our mission to help you set up your own clothing label and to develop and promote your creativity. Your designs, printed onto over 80 items of clothing ranging from hooded sweaters to boxer shorts. Using high-end print techniques. No minimum order, no hassle.

First logo: "Spreadlady"

Spreadshirt thrives and survives due to the creativity of its customers – it is therefore only logical that the new Spreadshirt logo would come directly from its own community! This brainwave led to the first "Open Logo Project" in 2005. We set up a competition to find a new logo, and asked all interested parties to put forth their proposals. The entries were presented within the competition's blog where the ideas were shown, discussed and commented on. 1100 people came along to give their opinion. Maxime Colin's "fingerprint" eventually carried the day.

Maxime Colin, "Fingerprint"

This could have been where the story ended... but no! We here at Spreadshirt are never willing to let a good idea go to waste. As Spreadshirt matured and developed, more and more people got interested in our service, and more and more we found that we could communicate what Spreadshirt stands for in simpler terms. Our old slogan "Your think it. We print it" (which made most people think more of the time-honored copyshop ) got a little out of date. So we decided to search for a new one that described who we are and what we do a little more appropriately... "Your own label" – the designer brand you make yourself.

Nikolas Bulard,
"Play with Forms"

We decided that every mother-and-her-son would understand this sentence, and that to make our point we would need to change our logo to go with our new tag-line. The decision to create a new logo fell quite unspectacularly on a Tuesday morning, just about 1.6 years after the first logo competition. That is why we called it the Open Logo Project 1.6.

Kim Larsen, "Lovetab"

This time more than 2,000 designers from 45 countries participated, giving us nearly 3,000 proposals, many of them absolutely inspiring. Week after week, day after day, we only saw logos. Eventually the decision was made. Kim Larsen’s "Lovetab" (a heart in a t-shirt shape set out like the label showing off a brand name) was chosen as the most appropriate of ways to show what we do. It was a really hard choice, and since we also especially loved Nikolas Bulard’s "Play with Forms" design you may well see elements of his idea appear within the Spreadshirt brand one day…

New Spreadshirt Logo
Spreadshirt has launched its new logo, the result of a global crowdsourcing contest, the Open Logo Project 1.6 (OLP).

Kim Larsen’s ‘Love Tab’ was the winning design, chosen from 2,800 submissions (from 45 countries). Kim is a 23 year old graphic and interactive media designer from Sweden.

We wanted to take this to the community who use, create and live our product, rather than to an agency’, says Jana Eggers, Spreadshirt CEO.

Each entry received comment and evaluation by an expert panel, the other designers, the Spreadshirt community and employees. The judging panel included web 2.0 guru Dr Frank Piller, renowned San Francisco graphic designer Scott Hansen, Computerlove, Branded and laFraise.

Kim Larsen says: ‘I wanted to make personal branding visually simple and to embed a symbol everyone can relate to. The heart resonates with the feeling of love you have for something you’ve created and the stitching with the hand-crafted nature of the product.’

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