Lada Logo History

This logo represents the coat of arms of the Russian car manufacturer AutoVAZ, the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe and better known to the world as LADA. The company was set up in 1966 in collaboration with Fiat, which is a successful automobile production company including manufacturing Volgas. The company headquarters is in Togliattigrad, town named after an Italian communist and built in 1960s around the factory. The Lada was envisaged as a "people's car" so, the lightweight Fiat 124 was adapted to survive the hazardous Russian driving conditions. Although the Lada models are often thought as 'rough' cars, lacking in most accessories expected in modern cars, they were very successful because of their affordability. Nowadays the Russian factory struggles to survive the tight competition in international automobile industry. Centuries ago, LADA was the name of a small, fast sail boat typical for the river Volga, which were also the favorite boats of river pirates who used them to rob commercial ships. At the same time "lada" in Russian means Lovely, little darling. The little ship in the logo is used to depict the strength and the power of adapting to the rough Russian conditions while the presence of the word lada symbolizes the producer wish of being a popular car.
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