CrimsonLogic Logo History

What we stand for
CrimsonLogic is a rational new thinker, in a new economy. We have pooled all our resources and energies into re-inventing working processes and pioneering new ways of doing things.

We aim to revolutionise how organisations operate by giving our clients access to better and more innovative systems, removing current constraints and opening doors to new opportunities. In essence, CrimsonLogic makes better sense.

The Identity

CrimsonLogic's Nautilus Shell
The inspiration behind the CrimsonLogic logo is the Nautilus shell, also known as nature's perfection. The proportion of one concentric layer to the next layer is a constant numeric value. This ratio, sometimes known as the Golden Ratio, can be found throughout nature. The proportional precision of the spiral exhibits an aura of intelligence and a strong sense of discipline in our approach to developing world-class solutions.

The dynamism of the logo is shown throughout the unfolding spirals stemming from the centre where energy, speed and agility are constantly generated. The artistic variant of this shell that is now the

CrimsonLogic logo, demonstrates creativity and clarity. The colour of the logo, Crimson, shares the colour of our collective approach to work. It is also the colour of passion, a passion for what we do.

This passion is the fundamental principle behind every idea generated, every system designed and every service rendered.

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