The Brussels Airport Logo History

On 19 October 2006 the airport revealed its new name and identity with a view to giving an airport that is considered as one of the best in Europe a strong, consistent and unique brand.

Since then the whole airport community has united behind this brand and the values it stands for. 260 companies and the 20,000 persons they employ are working together to build a strong Brussels Airport.

The name "Brussels Airport" was the obvious choice: it is a strong international name for an international platform; the name builds on the recognition of Brussels as capital of Europe.

The new logo
The new logo expresses the new identity, the international character and the values of the airport:

A. The intersecting lines - meridians or aircraft contrails - stress Brussels Airport's role as the gateway to the capital and heart of Europe.
B. The blue colour is a modern, dynamic and inviting shade of blue.
C. The stylish dark grey communicates efficiency and quality.
D. The typeface is easy to read and radiates friendliness and efficiency.
E. The baseline 'Welcome to Europe' stresses the core role of the airport as gateway to Europe.

Brussels Airport: European, efficient and welcoming
With the new and at the same time familiar name 'Brussels Airport', our ambitions are made clear: permanently belonging to the best airports in Europe, and - why not - becoming the very best! To achieve this we embrace 3 important values: European, efficient, welcoming.

European: Brussels Airport is the only airport of Europe's capital and is the ideal starting point to discover Europe. Consequently we wish to make the European culture and diversity manifest at the airport.

Efficient: At Brussels Airport we do our utmost to guarantee seamless operations. Brussels Airport is a convenient, passenger-friendly airport. We constantly invest in new technologies and processes designed to make the airport ever more efficient for the benefit of our passengers.

Welcoming: at Brussels Airport everybody is welcomed in the same courteous and warm manner. We endeavour to meet the individual needs of every passenger and to give them the specific information they need, where and when they need it.

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