Sanlam Life Insurance Logo

In the past, there was not really uniformity with regard to the use of a Sanlam logo. Different logos were used, sometimes more than one at the same time. For example, the official seal of the company was initially used as a logo, soon followed by first a springbok head, and later a stylised drawing of the 1932 head office, superimposed on a map of South Africa.

In December 1932 the shield-design by TO Honiball, in conjunction with Prof. Blommaert of Stellenbosch, was introduced. The four birds (provinces) being fed by their mother symbolised support and protection. The stylised, flying birds were symbolic of speed and progress, and the springbok represented South Africa.

With Sanlam's 21st birthday in 1939, the logo was adapted. With few minor changes this remained in use until 1953 when the head office relocated to Bellville. A new logo was introduced - the word "Sanlam" on a white or black background.

During 1968 the "S-Shield" was introduced: a shield for protection and security. In 1970 blue was adopted as Sanlam's corporate colour and became the colour of the shield. Blue was felt to be a quiet, cool colour that could be associated with a trustworthy financial institution.

The present-day logo of two nurturing hands was first adopted in 1973. It portrays the protecting hands of Sanlam's financial expertise, shielding the world of the company's clients. The pointed fingers represent powerful growth and the solid base, stability. Initially it was used with or without "Sanlam" written underneath, but in 1991 the aforementioned use was standardised. Since 1998, each business unit in the Group has added its name where more specific client focus was required.

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