History of Stockholm University Logo

Karl-Erik Forsberg’s design was inspired by a painted ceiling at the Haunted Mansion (Spöksslottet) on Drottninggatan in Stockholm. The painting symbolises knowledge and it depicts, amongst other things, the goddess Pallas Athena holding a torch entwined with an olive branch. The three crowns, added by Karl-Erik Forsberg, were first used on Magnus Eriksson’s shield as a symbol of Sweden. On the University’s emblem, the crowns signify state responsibility. Karl-Erik Forsberg described the emblem in an interview in 1994

“When the symbols that were to be included in the emblem were agreed upon, I had to draw the emblem in a heraldic way. The emblem includes several elements that together create a sense of balance. Both sides weigh the same. Nothing wavers out of place. The emblem is not subject to chance and is not tied to any particular time. In terms of actual form, it’s perhaps closest to the late-seventeenth century.”

The emblem has been modified a number of times over the years. In 2007 it was redrawn in order to bring it closer to Karl-Erik Forsberg’s original drawing, as well as enable it to meet the demands of digital publishing.

The University logo is registered with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office.

Source: www.su.se
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