Best’s Kosher Logo History

1886: German immigrant Isaac Oscherwitz founds I. Oscherwitz Kosher Meats in Cincinnati, OH, later to become the Best Kosher Foods Corporation.

1925:Growing rapidly thanks to high quality and innovative marketing, Oscherwitz expands to Chicago, sending his two youngest sons, Harry and Phillip, to open Best’s Kosher Sausage Company.

1936:Several local Chicago-area kosher butchers band together to form Star Kosher, the forerunner of Sinai Kosher. With a heavy focus on fresh meats, Sinai Kosher services kosher butchers nationwide, Jewish summer camps, retail outlets, and export markets.

1963:All of Oscherwitz and Best’s Kosher operations are consolidated at the Best’s Kosher Sausage Company facility in Chicago.

1983:Best’s Kosher merges with Chicago rival Sinai Kosher to become the Bessin Corporation, a strong Midwest presence in the industry, and the only national kosher brand made in Chicago.

1990:The brand expands overseas to Costco Wholesale Clubs in England under the Chicago’s Best brand name.

1993:The Bessin Corporation is purchased by the Sara Lee Corporation and continues to operate in Chicago.

1995:Bessin acquires the Shofar brand name. Under this label, Bessin expands significantly into both East and West coast markets. Shofar is now a foodservices brand.

1999:The Bessin Corporation returns to its roots by reestablishing itself as Best Kosher Foods Corporation.

Best’s Kosher introduces its new logo to update the look and feel of the brand.
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