Pfizer logo History

The Pfizer logo is the primary visual symbol of the corporation and hence of its corporate identity program. The logo contains inherent design characteristics that determine its distinctiveness. Specifically, the letter “f” in the Pfizer name cuts the perimeter of the containing oval shape, and the “Pfizer” lettering is transparent and reveals the logo’s background.Compared to many companies, Pfizer has a very simple palette, comprising one primary corporate color — Pfizer Blue — as well as black and white. The Pfizer logo can be used in any of these three colors while any accompanying type is usually in black or white.

Pfizer Blue can also be used on materials — packaging, sales literature, or advertising, for example — but is not required. We do not prescribe the use of any particular supporting colors, but ask only that you exercise good taste and judgment.Our primary corporate color, Pfizer Blue, is a specialty ink created by Pantone, Inc. It is also known as PMS [Pantone Matching System] 285 and should be specified by that number to printers and other vendors.

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