Sunnybrook Logo History

The name
Sunnybrook” represents the history of our proud organization and over the years has become synonymous with excellence in healthcare. The term “Health Sciences Centre” is an essential part of our name. It represents, and is inclusive of, the many clinical services and programs offered at this hospital, the many diverse healthcare professionals working within these services, and signifies our ongoing commitment to research and education.

The logo
The four leaves represent the growth and evolution of our visual identity. Each individual leaf symbolizes Sunnybrook’s excellence in patient care, research, education and knowledge transfer, all of the components that make Sunnybrook a leading heath sciences centre.

The blue contained in the name represents our full affiliation with the University of Toronto and keeps our academic mandate at the forefront of our identity. The choice of green is symbolic of life and the combination of the color blue representing our academic affiliation and yellow signifying light in the name Sunnybrook.

When it Matters Most
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre means many things to many people but what seems to be common to everyone is that Sunnybrook is there for people when it matters most. Whether it is someone who has a health concern that our areas of expertise can treat, a patient’s family member who needs help better understanding a complex health issue, a student who is looking for a rewarding educational experience, or a researcher who is discovering the future of clinical practice, Sunnybrook is there when it matters most. The slogan speaks to the hospital’s “can do” attitude, courage in the face of adversity, and our ability to help people in their time of greatest need.

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