Café de Colombia Logo History

The Juan Valdez logo was developed by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia in March 1981 and was first introduced to the trade in September of the same year.

Featuring Juan Valdez (the quintessential cafetero), his mule, and the Colombian mountains in the background, the purpose of the logo is to identify and serve as a seal of guarantee to the brands that do indeed consist of 100% Colombian Coffee as approved by the Federation.

In 1982, it was introduced to consumer advertising; however, given the limited number of 100% Colombian Coffee brands in the market -- 9 small supermarket brands -- at the time its presence was limited to print advertising.

In 1983, the logo was added to consumer spot television advertising as 100% Colombian Coffee brands featuring the logo were introduced in regional markets.

By 1987 there were nearly 30 supermarket brands and at this point the logo was included in all creative materials on a national basis.

Logo Versions

Two versions of the logo were created:

North American Version: "100% Colombian Coffee"

International Version: "Café de Colombia"

In 1995, in an effort to globalize the brand, the Federation decided to phase out the English version of the logo. Current advertising programs, including multinational media buys and sports sponsorships with global reach, suggest that a common logo across borders will generate the highest awareness while minimizing consumer confusion.

The "Café de Colombia" logo is now used in all advertising and promotional materials. However, North American marketers that feature the logo on their packages are not yet required to change the "100% Colombian Coffee" on their packages.

Logo Awareness & Recognition

Logo recognition varies from country to country, but has reached its highest levels in North America and Spain, the most active advertising markets for Café de Colombia over the past few years. In the U.S., logo association ranks between 80% and 90%; this portion of the people surveyed associate the logo with coffee when they see it without any descriptive words underneath. Actual identification of the logo in the U.S. is currently around 50%, which means that around half of those surveyed were able to properly identify the logo as the Colombian Coffee logo.

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