Chupa Chups Logo History

Chupa Chups was the first candy designed with children in mind. Back in 1958 Enric Bernat Fontlladosa launched the Chupa Chups hoping to create a more practical lollipop for kids. After the end of the Francisco Franco dictatorship the company's founder managed to make his sweets known worldwide. An innovative company as Chupa Chups needed an effective logo to represent it. Most people are quite surprised to find out that the Chupa Chups distinctive daisy logo was designed in 1969 by the famous surrealist Salvador Dali. It's all 100% fact. After Bernat introduced his idea of a more universal logo, Dali needed an hour only to draft on a newspaper what would become the basis for today's Chupa Chups logo. It actually makes sense. Salvador Dali throughout his later life-time would lend his image to a variety of commercial interests, using himself as a brand. He was the ultimate self publicist, trait which led Breton to nickname him "Avida Dollars" when talking about Dali's later output. The Chupa Chups logo can currently be found on all kinds of lollipops and related items , and the company maintains its focus on creating new, exciting products.
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