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Becoming a Top Material Handling Company

Daifuku aims to become a world leader in the material handling industry.
Material handling involves moving goods within factories and distribution centers. It is an indispensable element of today's business world. Daifuku contributes to the development of the material handling industry by offering innovative products that satisfy the requirements of the Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Ecology awareness (S.Q.C.D.E.) concept and by relying on the experience and expertise we have accumulated in over 70 years of operation.

To commemorate our accomplishments and to provide inspiration to continue the pursuit of excellence, we created new logo.

In honor of our 70th anniversary, we also developed a new corporate slogan.

"Material Handling and Beyond" is the corporate slogan developed as part of Daifuku's 70th-anniversary celebration. Looking back over our 70 years of history, we have chosen these words to express Daifuku's position within the material handling industry. "Beyond" communicates the unlimited possibilities for Daifuku as we continue to innovate and our desire to be an inspiration for others.

The History of Daifuku's Logo and Corporate Slogan
In 1969, the company created a corporate logo to signify the essence of the company. This was a novel approach at the time since company logos were used only to differentiate companies from each other.

Managers solicited advice from renowned art directors and selected one mark from 18 designs.

In 1984, the company name was changed from Daifuku Machinery Works to Daifuku (in katakana characters). 'Machine Works' gave the misleading impression that the company was a hardware manufacture and did not represent the company's new focus on software and system development. Minor changes were made to the company logo.

In 1998, the company changed its name again from Daifuku in katakana characters to DAIFUKU, written using the Roman alphabet. The change reflected the important role Daifuku was playing globally.

Historically, the company developed corporate slogans to reflect the times: "Daifuku for Material Handling" (1960s and 1970s), "Challenging Automatic Guided Operation" (1968-1982) and "Daifuku for Factory Automation" (1982-1987). The establishment of a new corporate slogan to commemorate Daifuku's 70th anniversary seemed appropriate in 2007: "Material Handling and Beyond"

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