MBT History

Although human currently found oldest shoes before a million years ago, according to new research four millions years ago humans began to wear shoes.Before this, scientists have discovered the human skeleton of the shape, size related to their long forces. Before 40,000 years ago, human leg still stout without tiptoe decrescent. The only explanation is that humans began to wear shoes. The judgment made by the theory is the size of the human metatarsal is not static.

In early, people are " barefoot", they run in primitive forests,grasslands and sea without shoes,enduce the thorns,hot ground.Later, in the far South African coast,near the Indian Ocean estuary,the clever caveman invented clothing with salted animal - clothes made of fur.In order to protect the foot motherboard, they had pulled anything, for example, bark, big leaves or bundles of weeds, etc, with tenacity of cane or feet in the long grass strapping. Thus, the shoes had been born, though not very beautiful, but very useful.

Later, people invented the sandals in the long-term practice. Then, people invented boots and shoes. MBT shoes not only inherited the ancient tradition but also innovate shoes with a new technology,which is your health and fashion friends.MBT shoes is Switzerland brand, Which designed by Switzerland engineer Karl Muller in 1996 and the MBT band shoes officially land in Switzerland on 1998. MBT shoes are the result of over 10 years of research and development. It is very popular in Western Europe and the healthy functioning is accepted by most customers.The most important is that the MBT shoes is high quantity but low price.

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